A TL100 or TL200 can be used to download a specified or unlimited amount of random bytes and save it to a file on your disk using the GetRND software utility.

Note: The commands in this tutorial work for Linux and OS X operating systems. For Windows, replace ‘sudo ./getrnd’ with ‘getrnd.exe’ in all of the commands here.

Let us attempt to download 12 MB of to the file rnd.bin. To do so, first plug in the device into your computer and run the GetRND software utility. (Details on how to do this can be found in the Read Me file of the Software and Documentation Kit). Once you have successfully done so, simply run the following command from the command line:

sudo ./getrnd -dd -fn rnd.bin -nb 12000000

This command will create a file named rnd.bin if it doesn’t already exist, and download 12 MB of true random numbers to it. The command line may ask you to input your password. After that, wait a few seconds, and you should eventually see a message like this:

Processing request ... Completed in 51 seconds, speed: 229 KBytes/sec, blocks re-sent: 0

You may also choose to download random numbers continuously to a file. To download an unlimited amount of true random numbers to the file rnd.bin, run the following command from the command line:

sudo ./getrnd -dd -fn rnd.bin

This will continuously download true random numbers to rnd.bin, until you type Ctrl+C to abort.