We are pleased to announce ‘tlrandom’, a new kernel module for Linux platforms. It can be used for interacting with the TL100 or TL200 devices. This module can be loaded by the kernel, upon which random bytes from the TL200 will be available for download from /dev/tlrandom.

You will be able to use ‘dd’ to download the random bytes using a command like this:

dd if=/dev/tlrandom of=download.bin bs=100 count=120000

The module has the ability to automatically detect when a TL100 or TL200 device is plugged in or unplugged from any USB port. Any application running in the user space should be able to open /dev/tlrandom and read random bytes generated by TL devices concurrently.

The new TL200 and TL100 Software & Documentation kits with ‘tlrandom’ are available to download here.