A SwiftRNG device

Today, we are unveiling SwiftRNG, the world’s fastest small-form random number generator. SwiftRNG is a USB stick sized device that generates random numbers at a rate of 100 megabits per second, faster than any other device of the same size.

With a length of just 7.9 cm and at 21 grams, SwiftRNG can be used with just about any system, ranging from large-scale servers to the Raspberry Pi 2. And with a module provided by TectroLabs, setting it up is easy. Random numbers generated by SwiftRNG pass all statistical tests for randomness, including Diehard, DIeharder, NIST, and ENT.

SwiftRNG comes with software that makes it compatible with 64 and 32 bit Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and CentOS. Support for Windows and OS X will be added in April 2016. It plugs into any computer with a USB port, and is appropriate for a wide range of uses, including research, simulations, and generating secure session and encryption keys. With software such as Virtio RNG, a single SwiftRNG is capable of generating random numbers to multiple guest instances in a cloud environment. With a speed of 100 megabits per second, it can be used to distribute one megabit per second to one hundred instances simultaneously.

SwiftRNG can be purchased at our online shop for $349. Learn more on the SwiftRNG page. Documentation is available online.