We are happy to announce a lite edition of the of our SwiftRNG device: SwiftRNG LE. At an affordable price of $199 USD, SwiftRNG LE generates random numbers at 20 megabites per second, and consumes no more than 110 mA.

Like the standard edition, SwiftRNG LE has a length of just 7.9 cm and a weight of 21 grams. It can be used with just about any system, ranging from large-scale servers to the Raspberry Pi 2. And with a module provided by TectroLabs, setting it up is easy. Random numbers generated by SwiftRNG LE pass all statistical tests for randomness, including Diehard, DIeharder, NIST, and ENT.

SwiftRNG LE comes with software that makes it compatible with 64 and 32 bit Linux distributions, Windows, and macOS. It plugs into any computer with a USB port, and is appropriate for a wide range of uses, including research, simulations, and generating secure session and encryption keys.

SwiftRNG LE can be purchased here. Full information can be found on the main SwiftRNG page.