2017 has been a wild ride, hasn’t it? It sure has been a big year in the digital world. More websites adopted HTTPS in 2017 than any other year, and people are more aware than ever of the security and privacy challenges faced by citizens and businesses alike. At the same time, it was the year the open internet faced the biggest obstacle with the repeal of Net Neutrality, and broadband privacy faced a major setback.

Here at TectroLabs, we released the SwiftRNG LE just over a year, making our unique true random number generating technology available to many more people at a lower price point. We have also released an updated version of our SwiftRNG model in 2017, bringing improved reliability and additional API features.

Since then, we have been working around the clock on a new generator that expands our family of SwiftRNG generators. To mark the new year 2018, we are so excited to announce our new device today: the SwiftRNG Pro. It has all of the awesome features of our SwiftRNG, but at 200 megabits per second, it has double the random number generation speed of the SwiftRNG, making it the world’s fastest USB-based random number generator. And with new device diagnostics capabilities, it is easier than ever to deal with possible issues.

We hope that you’ll consider the SwiftRNG Pro for generating true random numbers. It can be purchased starting today here, and full information is available on the main SwiftRNG Pro page.