An AlphaRNG device

Today, we are excited to announce AlphaRNG, our next-generation hardware random number generator. Much like SwiftRNG, AlphaRNG is a small, USB flash drive-sized device that can be used with Linux, Windows and macOS computers. However, where it excels is in its communication interface and enhanced reliability.

AlphaRNG implements data communications over a secure channel for confidentiality, integrity, and replay protection using a USB interface. We have also enhanced the design to ensure the reliability of the built-in health tests using a technique known as hardware fault insertion (also known as fault injection). Hardware fault insertion is used to create temporary signal faults in the noise sources for the purpose of validating the expected behavior of the device under failure conditions.

AlphaRNG can be integrated in software projects through the provided software API implementation kit and software utilities. Thanks to the small physical dimensions and light weight, AlphaRNG may be placed inside a computer enclosure and connected via an internal USB port. It can also be connected directly to any external USB port and used over a secure communication channel.

We hope that you’ll consider AlphaRNG for generating true random numbers using a secure channel. It can be purchased starting today here, and full information is available on the main AlphaRNG page.