AlphaRNG software kit contains pre-built utilities and components that can be used on Windows 64 platforms. This page explains how to build utilities and components from the supplied source code.

Locating AlphaRNG source code for Windows

The latest source code for the Windows platform can be downloaded from this address.

Required tools and dependencies

OpenSSL for Windows x64

The supplied source code requires OpenSSL-Win64 version 1.1.1j or newer. To install it on Windows x64 platform visit the following URL, the download links are provided in Download Win32/Win64 OpenSSL section.

Visual Studio 2019

Environment variables

You will need to set the following environment variables:

  • OPENSSL_INSTALL_DIR - it should point to the directory where OpenSSL-Win64 was installed, for example: `C:\Program Files\OpenSSL-Win64
  • LIBCRYPTO - indicates the name of the crypto library file, set it to libcrypto

Building the source code

Using Visual Studio 2019 locate and open solution windows-x64\AlphaRNG.sln. Choose ‘x64’ as a solution platform and build the solution.