The swperftest utility can be used on Linux, macOS, freeBSD and Windows for testing SwiftRNG performance. It requires sudo permissions when used with Linux or freeBSD based systems.

Make sure the swperftest utility is successfully built with make. Plug the SwiftRNG device in a USB port.

For the swperftest utility, run the following command:


swperftest will discover all of the SwiftRNG devices connected to the system, run general device performance test and, report the random number generation speed in megabits per second.

The output may look similar to this:

- swperftest SwiftRNG ... performance -
Searching .. found 1 SwiftRNG device(s)

Testing SwiftRNG ... version: V1.1
Opening device ---------------- Success
Setting power profiles to 9 --- Success
Performance ........ - 100.00 Mbits/sec
Closing device ---------------- Success