When using SwiftRNG devices on macOS, it is possible to encounter a segmentation fault when using SwiftRNG Software Kit on macOS. If that is the case then it is likely that you may be using the libusb version 1.0.25 which is currently available by default on latest macOS platforms. We found some issues with libusb version 1.20.25. For that reason we recommend using libusb versions prior to 1.20.25 or later.

The following steps demonstrates how to successfully install libusb version 1.0.24 on macOS.

Step 1

Make sure that any libusb dependency is removed from macOS with the following command:

brew uninstall libusb

Step 2

Download the libusb version 1.0.24 source code from GitHub with the following command:

wget https://github.com/libusb/libusb/releases/download/v1.0.24/libusb-1.0.24.tar.bz2

Step 3

Extract the downloaded file with the following command:

tar -xvf libusb-1.0.24.tar.bz2

Step 4

Configure the libusb build by using the following commands:

cd libusb-1.0.24

Step 5

Build the libusb from sources with the following command:


Step 6

Install new artifacts with the following command:

sudo make install

Step 7

Rebuild SwiftRNG utilities and applications and verify the results.