A SwiftRNG Z device

Another day, another product! Today we’re announcing a true random number generator in a new form: mikroBUS™, which is the world’s fastest growing add-on board standard. Aptly, we’re calling this new device the MicroRNG.

The TectroLabs MicroRNG is a hardware (true) random number generator device that can be used in embedded systems as a reliable entropy source. It can interface with microcontrollers or microprocessors (mainboards) with integrated circuits and modules through a mikroBUS socket. Generated random numbers can be retrieved from a MicroRNG through an API that is implemented over an SPI interface or a 2-wire UART interface.

MicroRNG can generate random numbers at a rate up to 1 Mbps in SPI mode and up to 1.5 Mbps in UART mode. It embeds comprehensive diagnostics and monitoring features used for validating internal random physical sources and components in real-time. It also maintains an internal status, which can be retrieved using the device API to check the health of the generator.

MicroRNG can be purchased today at our online shop for $179 USD. Learn more on the MicroRNG page, or go directly to the datasheet PDF.