The entropy-server is a Windows based pipe server that uses a duplex named pipe for distributing random bytes generated by a single SwiftRNG device. Windows applications can concurrently access entropy-server through provided SwiftRNG.dll. Applications written in languages such as C/C++, C#, Java can concurrently retrieve true random bytes generated by SwiftRNG devices by connecting with the entropy-server through the named pipe. For source code examples visit this address.

The entropy-server can be started using the following command:

entropy-server.exe -dn 0

To start entropy-server with post processing logic disabled (for collecting RAW/unprocessed random data, available with SwiftRNG v1.2+):

entropy-server.exe -dn 0 -dpp 

The availability and performance of the entropy-server can be verified with entropy-client-test utility using the following command:


Pre-built versions of entropy-server and entropy-client-test applications are already available in the latest release. Alternatively, the applications can be re-built from sources with Visual Studio C++ 2015, Visual Studio 2017 or newer.